PE, PP, PB pipe production line
PE, PP, PB pipe production line Description: Using the PE high efficiency screw, slotted feeding machine barrel, and with jacket cooling strength greatly improve the transport capacity, ensure the efficient extrusion, DC motor speed regulator, British european.
Product Details

Single screwextruder sizing stand spray tractors
Model: SJ-65X33 sizing standlength 6000mm sprayer length 6000mm propulsion -2.2kw
helicoid -φ65 pumps power 3.7kw pumps power 2.2kw maximum load N-1000
slenderness 33-1 vacuum pumppower 2.2KW   effective length 1500mm
rotation rate 1-105 r/min Vertical movement of motor 0.55kw   cutting power 2.2kw
naused power 67KW     work pressure:0.4-0.7

unit project PPR63 PPR110
extruder model SJ-65 SJ-90
outlines (L*w*H)) 2800*1100*1800 4000*1200*1900
production (kg/h) 80-200 200-350
tube(mm) φ16-φ63 φ50-φ100
overall power (kw) 90 160
sizing stand outlines (L*w*H)) 6400*700*1350 6400*9600*1450
overall power (kw) 8 11.5
sprayer outlines (L*w*H)) 6400*600*1350 6400*900*1450
overall power (kw) 2.2 3.7
cutter outlines (L*w*H)) 4100*920*1350 4700*1150*1700
pullout (m/min) 0.1-12 0.1-

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