Meltblown fabric masks
Meltblown fabric masks Description: Full range of reasonable structure, convenient operation high degree of automation control components across the board in all brand-name products, reliable performance, stable production line control equipment layout, the wide blessing according to t
Product Details
Model 500mm 900mm 1250mm 1600mm
Extruder ф45 ф45 ф65 ф65
Effective Length 500mm 900mm 1250mm 1600mm
Power 45kw 60kw 130kw 150kw
Actual Power 23kw 30kw 65kw 75kw
Yield 60T/Y 100T/Y 140T/Y 180T/Y
Effective Thickness 0.05mm-3mm
Raw Materials PP
Aspect Ratio 1:30
Screw Length 120mm-165mm
Filter Denier <=2.3
Weight 9g/m2-200g/m2( adjustable)
Voltage 3phase 380V,1phase 220V(adjustable by adding voltage changer)

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